A Quick Note on Scheduling

You all kept asking me, so I’m going to tell you all.

You all kept saying. “Hey, Corey! Is there going to be a schedule or something? Are you going to do weekly posts or what? I got kids to feed and can’t be waiting all day for you to post some content.”

I understand your concerns. They are all valid.

Here’s my answer:

I’ll post weekly on Saturdays. These posts will usually be a short or long essay on some topic that’s been brewing in my mind. Content such as reflections/meditations, short thoughts, poems, etc. will be posted at my whim. If anything (poem, reflection, or otherwise) is especially long, then I will post that on a Saturday slot.


  1. If emergencies arise or something happens in which I am unable to post on a Saturday, then I will post on the next day that I am able to post.
  2. If I am doing training or have to do anything military-related that occupies a Saturday (or multiple Saturdays), then I will not post on that day. I will post when I return from said event.
  3. If I am abducted by aliens, I will then start a video blog and provide as much detail as possible about what those star-critters are up to.
  4. If I am ever hungover or something similar to that on a Saturday, then I will post something relating to that. . . should be decently funny.
  5. If World War III breaks out, shit hits the fan, the trumpets start blaring, and I go to Iran, well then I’ll be in Iran (see #2 for further clarification).

Carry on,


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