Excuses, excuses (but I’m not sweating it)

I’ve been in transition to a new home and I’m still waiting on my laptop and things to arrive. As of now, that’s been my excuse for not posting anything for the past while, but I had good talks with good friends and have encountered some interesting thoughts from interesting people… So, the wheels are turning and I have plenty of topics that I want to talk about. I want to focus more on just getting ideas out and not muddying them up with intense language or big, unnecessarily complex words for the sake of making this blog seem more philosophical than it really is. In reality, I’m a simple dude that likes to learn about complex things because it makes my silly, monkey brain work hard. I like that feeling and hope this blog can ultimately offer the same for those who read it. My point is that I just want to put forth more content that really shows what the world has shown me as I’m out exploring it and doing fun (and not so fun) stuff.

So, the next topic I want to explore can be captured in these sentences: Life is wacky seemingly filled with equal amounts of controllable and uncontrollable occurrences. What does it mean to accept this? Where would our worries end and begin if we lived life embracing this idea?

That first sentence has been giving me comfort when it comes to anxiety about doing certain things. It makes me feel like I don’t have to take the fears so seriously. What’s for important is simply going in some direction or making some decision. What seems to feed anxiety is the paralysis that it causes. If you decide on an action to take then, at the very least, you have taken some step outside of that place of anxiety.

A perfect example of this is me writing this post from my phone. I felt like I couldn’t write one without my laptop or lengthy computer access. That’s a result of my own perfectionism. I felt that the conditions needed to be perfect in order for me to take action, but today I decided to relax and let go of that unhelpful expectation and just post something. The result is this quick and candid post.

Some friends and I have also been memeing around with the concept of non-attachment. I’ll probably combine this with the above mentioned idea that I want to cover, as I feel they work together in a very helpful way. It feels that turning these difficult-to-act-out concepts into every day jokes about how we live and interact makes them much easier to blend in our everyday lives. Again, there’s an element of ‘not taking somethings too seriously’ that’s at play here.

Last thing: I’ve been watching a YouTube channel called Kliksphilip. He’s got multiple channels, but I’ve neglected his smaller one until recently. It’s a more candid channel that goes over his thoughts on the content he creates and just about his feelings in regards the things he’s done or experienced in his life. Some of the videos have led to reflect on the the hobbies I have and how I want to engage with them. That reflection was also a catalyst for this post and how I’ll be handling this blog for the foreseeable months (until the next big wave of influence hits).

I hope this post had a nugget of insight for you readers. Thanks for reading!

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