Starving | Poem


Black soul
Black face
Black race

Black mind
Black ideology
No trace

Cries from heaven so loud they can 
Deafen the pain of the politically oppressed

Black eyes
Black hands
Black shapes

Figures that contort and writhe
Bodies that have been erased

Non-consensual elimination
Of kids, woman, and man

And the very same of those who the world fears to understand

Who the fuck said that learning something new was supposed to be easy?

But that’s no excuse for your hatred

No excuse for your mis-match rhetoric
No excuse for your abuse
No excuse for your agendas.

Why are you so damn afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Your religious escapism won’t protect you from the accountability that rests on your shoulders.

Where do my heros rest?
Where do my heros’ hearts lie?

On what side of the line can peace reside?

The line between the spiral of yin and yang reveals the true nature of mankind

Lack of composure

The wrong kind of selfish
For the wrong kind of cause.

Justification for evil
Justification for the meeting of dark hearts and dark minds

Plots and schemes to secure your place
To be protected from brown hearts and brown minds

Only an oppressor fears the rising of the oppressed.

Only the abuser fears the cry of the abused.

So, tell me again, America, why are you so afraid of your black and brown people?

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