We need to talk. . .

I started this blog at the recommendation of my older sister. So, all thanks goes to her for motivating me to execute on something I’ve always found value in: writing.

Reading and listening to the thoughts of people I’ve admired has left deep impressions on me. At times that impression seems deeper than whatever thoughts they had that initially piqued my interest in them. Throughout college I had the most fun reading textbooks that explored the backgrounds of the pioneers we studied so intently. It helped answer questions like: “Why were Freud and Jung so damn weird?” and “Okay, so what led Darwin to the Galapagos Islands in the first place?”

The idea of discovering the historical and even behavioral context for the way things unfold seems, at least to me, to reveal things about ourselves. I say this despite us all carrying different ideologies within whatever amounts to our souls. I say this because I know that even though the hills that we are willing die on are self-defined, the routes taken to create those definitions have similarities that can be found in the routes of those who came before us and those who will come after us.

So, the goal of this page is to explore ideas, concepts, ideologies and ideologues in their original, intended, and current contexts. This page will also serve as a place for me to post whatever thoughts I have that I feel are worth sharing in attempts to start conversation or debate. I’ll probably post some poetry as well.

Finally, it seems that whatever place houses interesting conversation also houses opportunities to learn and grow. If this blog can function as that place for even a fraction of a moment, then it will have been worth creating.

Thank you for stopping by!


– Corey

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