Humanizing Ourselves | Self-worth

Humanizing Ourselves | Self-worth

For Yourself This post is dedicated to those who struggle with self-worth. It is also for men who struggle with this and are never told or given the support to handle these issues. I really believe that mindset is counter to a cohesive society. A society made up of persons who lack the self-awareness to […]

Thus Spoke the Shape-Shifter | Poem

I. [Meaning]Thus spoke the man whose wilted words have shaped an age of truthThus spoke the man whose oldest thoughts have shifted my point of viewThus spoke the man who’s found a way to shatter what I think of you  Thus spoke the man whose deft, old hands have whittled me down to boneThus spoke the […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From? | Pt. 1

** This will be a multi part post. The goal is to ultimately end up looking at a few philosophers’ ideas of meaning to see how they are actually applied to life. This first part will more or less be my own musings on this topic. ** What Do I Mean? Suffering has largely determined […]

“The Little Guy”: On Large Institutions of Power and Individual Service

This topic spawned from some conversation with friends about career paths. As I mentioned earlier, I am a soldier, though the idea of a soldier in my mind is tied much for intimately to my idea of what makes a warrior rather than simply serving under the flag. Though I do not yet live up […]

Finding a National Identity in an Age of Micro-Cultures

As of recent, I’ve encountered some politically and philosophically minded people who have found intriguing ways to bring up interesting and controversial topics. I’ve heard identitarians, nationalists, and libertarian-inclined folk state why their ideologies were seemingly the most sensible way not only to govern a people but also being more sensible landscapes for individual freedoms […]