AVIUM – The Pathless Region & New Domain

AVIUM – The Pathless Region & New Domain

Long Time No Post! You’re probably wondering about my radio silence… well I’ll explain that over a series of posts. Most of the silence was due to me not having much to say or not taking the time to sit down with my thoughts and sort them out. I have many essay drafts and short […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From? | Pt. 1

** This will be a multi part post. The goal is to ultimately end up looking at a few philosophers’ ideas of meaning to see how they are actually applied to life. This first part will more or less be my own musings on this topic. ** What Do I Mean? Suffering has largely determined […]

Ends & Beginnings

For the past few years I’ve made yearly reflections my end-of-the-year habit. I just sit on a pillow in the middle of my room and think about how things went. I’ve yet to do it this year, but I will later this evening. This year has been an interesting one. I’ve made the biggest mistake […]