The Mechanisms at Work | Human Narratives

The Mechanisms at Work | Human Narratives

Shifting Gears The murder of George Floyd has been pivoting point for many. I am included in that many. My thoughts have been focused on race, racism, gender discrimination, accountability, representation, political power, and media manipulation. I’ve been mulling over ideas from Noam Chomsky and Angela Davis in particular. Though I’m most definitely a-political in […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From? | Pt. 1

** This will be a multi part post. The goal is to ultimately end up looking at a few philosophers’ ideas of meaning to see how they are actually applied to life. This first part will more or less be my own musings on this topic. ** What Do I Mean? Suffering has largely determined […]

“The Little Guy”: On Large Institutions of Power and Individual Service

This topic spawned from some conversation with friends about career paths. As I mentioned earlier, I am a soldier, though the idea of a soldier in my mind is tied much for intimately to my idea of what makes a warrior rather than simply serving under the flag. Though I do not yet live up […]

Finding a National Identity in an Age of Micro-Cultures

As of recent, I’ve encountered some politically and philosophically minded people who have found intriguing ways to bring up interesting and controversial topics. I’ve heard identitarians, nationalists, and libertarian-inclined folk state why their ideologies were seemingly the most sensible way not only to govern a people but also being more sensible landscapes for individual freedoms […]