The Fret, The Hurry, The Stir | Song

This one originally started as an instrumental, but quickly turned into an actual song with some riffs I had written some years ago (hell, back in high school). Now they’ve come together in a way I’m decently happy with. Did plenty of messing about in odd time signatures, so my homies who enjoy that sound, […]

With Hands//To Work|Poem

With Hands//To Work|Poem

I see the works of artistsThe aftermath of deft hands getting to work I see the afterimage of the calculated strokesWhere effort and skill bear tangible and virtuous fruits I look to what they’ve done and see what I myself would also like to do To do something good with these hands of mine To […]

Excuses, excuses (but I’m not sweating it)

I’ve been in transition to a new home and I’m still waiting on my laptop and things to arrive. As of now, that’s been my excuse for not posting anything for the past while, but I had good talks with good friends and have encountered some interesting thoughts from interesting people… So, the wheels are […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From | Pt. 2

*Why is this post epically late, you ask? That is because of one thing: Military testing.* The second part of this topic stems from a few things: death, consciousness, responsibility, and some quality television programming. I’ve recently been binging the show called The Good Place. It’s about some people who die and go to the […]

Finding a National Identity in an Age of Micro-Cultures

As of recent, I’ve encountered some politically and philosophically minded people who have found intriguing ways to bring up interesting and controversial topics. I’ve heard identitarians, nationalists, and libertarian-inclined folk state why their ideologies were seemingly the most sensible way not only to govern a people but also being more sensible landscapes for individual freedoms […]

About me

Here are some basic identifiers that can be used to describe me: Male Born in 1993 Soldier Musician Student of Psychology Student of Philosophy Nature-lover Goofy One with a guilty-conscience Overthinker Fake deep Real deep There are a few other identifiers, but it would be more interesting to see how things perceived before I reveal […]

Hello, World!

I started this blog at the recommendation of my older sister. So, all thanks goes to her for motivating me to execute on something I’ve always found value in: writing. Reading and listening to the thoughts of people I’ve admired has left deep impressions on me. At times that impression seems deeper than whatever thoughts […]