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Hibernal//Entry #1 | Story

Hibernal//Entry #1 //As if it were born from a wish, it appeared before my eyes… that damn cheese danish I’d been avoiding all week. That little shit had been following me, scratching at my attention from its seat in the back of my brain. God! Why did I want it so badly?// “Fuck it,” I […]

AVIUM – The Pathless Region & New Domain

Long Time No Post! You’re probably wondering about my radio silence… well I’ll explain that over a series of posts. Most of the silence was due to me not having much to say or not taking the time to sit down with my thoughts and sort them out. I have many essay drafts and short […]

FIDLAR? Yeah, you’re right!

A few weeks ago a friend and I were riding around Hawaii looking for the perfect spot to take some future dates. Yes, that’s right, we were scouting for the most-optimal, most-comfortable, and most-enjoyable spot to sit with a nice woman and talk about everything and nothing from dusk until dawn. I’ll let you form […]


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