Method to Fight Social Anxiety | Journal Entry

Method to Fight Social Anxiety | Journal Entry

I debated posting this mostly from an anxious place. I feared that I’d be “good deed signaling” if that’s even a thing. I decided to post anyway because that is a dumb concern and when one person does a good action it usually motivates others to do something similar. Also, people who attempt to shame […]

Where the Heck Does Meaning Come From? | Pt. 1

** This will be a multi part post. The goal is to ultimately end up looking at a few philosophers’ ideas of meaning to see how they are actually applied to life. This first part will more or less be my own musings on this topic. ** What Do I Mean? Suffering has largely determined […]

Toil [In Segments] | Poem

Segment 1:What I find, in my heart, to be the rawest of experiences is that of toiling. The post-toil respite is a gift that tempers the heart of humanity and allows us to see what is real and let all that is petty to fall by the wayside. Though the vast infinite of all that is […]

About me

Here are some basic identifiers that can be used to describe me: Male Born in 1993 Soldier Musician Student of Psychology Student of Philosophy Nature-lover Goofy One with a guilty-conscience Overthinker Fake deep Real deep There are a few other identifiers, but it would be more interesting to see how things perceived before I reveal […]