About me

Here are some basic identifiers that can be used to describe me:

  • Male
  • Born in 1993
  • Soldier
  • Musician
  • Student of Psychology
  • Student of Philosophy
  • Nature-lover
  • Goofy
  • One with a guilty-conscience
  • Overthinker
  • Fake deep
  • Real deep

There are a few other identifiers, but it would be more interesting to see how things perceived before I reveal what those other ones are.

So, I studied psychology and philosophy in college though in my heart English and philosophy were the disciplines I loved the most. They also served as the disciplines that taught me the most about how to think and how to question. They also helped me think about and question myself on more fundamental levels than I previously had at that point. You’ll likely see the influence of those disciplines in my writing more so than others. I attempt to operate outside of the imprints they’ve left on me, but it can be a useless attempt at times.

About the other identifiers:


I’ve been playing music for more than half my life at this point. I’ve been writing music/lyrics/poems for equally as long. I’m primarily a guitarist and growing up I cut my teeth on Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, Led Zeppelin and whatever jazz artists my dad constantly had playing around the house. These days I’m big into progressive bands for working on my chops, but I enjoy pretty much anything that’s got a groove.

Never lose the groove.


I’m a soldier. My views reflect myself as an individual. My views do not reflect the thoughts of any of the military branches or their governing bodies. I figure that needed to be said.

That’s about all I want to write on myself for an introduction.

If there are any questions, feel free to ask. I will be answering them in perpetuity.


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