The Fret, The Hurry, The Stir | Song

This one originally started as an instrumental, but quickly turned into an actual song with some riffs I had written some years ago (hell, back in high school). Now they’ve come together in a way I’m decently happy with. Did plenty of messing about in odd time signatures, so my homies who enjoy that sound, I hope y’all dig this one.

The title is a line straight from Virginia Woolf’s novel To The Lighthouse.

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Blog exclusive! Here are the lyrics:

I thought I shook off all my darkest traits,

But it seems they wish to stay.

What were the words I heard the old, wise man say?
(What did he say?)

“Oh, you’ll be fighting everyday.”

Is that the way?
(Is that the way, is this the way, what is the way?)

So they say.

The Fret, The Hurry, The Stir

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